December 07 2010

hitachi nt65gs 16 gauge 2-1/2-inch gas powered straight finish nailer

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Hitachi Framing Nailer 18 Gauge Finish Nailer allows the user to easily move around the court without hoses or compressors. Freedom of heavy air hose and compressor to time in development, application and cleaning the yard to store. Features include a low battery level, variable position hook, jam-release means less depth and a tool to drive less. Ideal for installing molding, furniture and photo installation, paneling, chair rails, window and door frames and decorative surfaces. Fasteners of the nails, firm size (in ): 5 / 8-2, firm size (gauge): 18, keeping the tape: 100, Coil or strip: Strip, with case: Yes, Tool Length (in): 10 5.8 Tool Weight (kg) : 4

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October 17 2010

Hitachi miter saw no problem

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Accessories seen assembled in about 5 minutes (towers, rear stabilizer bar and hold down) and took him into my tent. The first of them a standard 2×4 pine. Linked to the mountain and has a trigger. The first thing I noticed as a mechanism of soft start nice, very nice. The board began to turn and had little or no vibration. Like the horizontal vibration handle. He pulled the saw and cut the 2×4 like a hot knife through butter. I was impressed by this award. Here are some miter cuts. 52 degrees left and right, no problem. The indicator is very thin which is more stringent measures, again very nice. The bezel below. Hitachi miter saw was 45 degrees, it has the handle a tug and had a clean 45 degree bevel. Control and the angles are on the ground, plant. I cut 2×6, 2×4, 2×6 two stacks and stacks of two and cut them without problems or stagnation. This saw no problem 4×4 at 90 degrees.

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