November 01 2010

le creuset stoneware petite oval casserole, dark chestnut

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The classic design and vibrant colors bring an international touch to every table. Not only does Le Creuset Casserole versatile stoneware perform beautifully in the oven or microwave, dishwasher, and cleans up the remains perfect for storing in the refrigerator or freezer

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October 24 2010

1.9-quart kettle, white

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Tea time is a moment of peace for the family and friends. Sure, it’s really special le creuset teakettle enamel on steel line. This provides Creuset Whistling Tea quarter Warhead 1.9 craftsmanship in heavy gauge steel. Each piece is a hard, glossy finish makes it stylish and durable glass

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October 23 2010

le creuset 2-3/4-quart soup pot, kiwi

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The mouth of the vase slightly rounded measures 9 inches in diameter, while the flat bottom is only 4 cm, which can use the small burner of the stove in a pot large enough: the supermarket, the speed of soup or a system of mind. Iron, of course, the heating of high-quality spreads heat evenly from the base of this dish was the side. You can also use this pan in the oven handles allows you to carry and lift heavy pots. The baked enamel coating on internal and external resources for a response from the shell with all acidic foods and is easy to clean. The beautiful colors of le creuset stockpot enameled cookware is suitable for the table as well. Schuyler Ingle

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October 22 2010

le creuset stoneware 12-ounce petite apple casserole, kiwi

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New Le Creuset Stoneware Petite Apple Casserole Kiwi 12 oz us4s% u2013 is surely our small apple stew with one of the pillars of the cuisine has become. It ‘just the right size for dips, spices, cheeses and vegetables. It is an intriguing possibility, cooking and serving individual portions

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October 22 2010

le creuset enameled cast-iron 15-1/2-quart oval french oven, cobalt

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Enormous French Le Creuset Oven for big meals is more flavor, this dish is ideal for cooking anything from stew to stuffed turkey. The construction of porcelain enameled iron spreads the heat evenly and retains heat more votes for perfectly prepared meals that can directly from the stove to the table.

October 17 2010

Le Creuset September inelegant

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Le Creuset September inelegant, and I’m glad you have chosen. While these pieces do not serve all our needs, which are what you get to cook an egg, or other dishes for one or two people. While unpacking, he was concerned about the high gloss enamel pan. But thanks to some good advice from other reviewers, there were no problems. The preheated skillet over medium-low heat for several minutes, then add the butter and the pan covered. Then I added my eggs and cook as usual. Nothing stuck to the pan – eggs slipped, and the pan cleans up easily with a click of a sponge and dish soap. That’s it! Do not let the arrival of the pan you buy ..Heat gently before adding the butter or oil and all is well. much heat is required in the findings. Using Le Creuset Cookware Set silicone spatula spoon for lifting food in the pan is smooth and works like a charm.