December 10 2010

dewalt dw3776-5 3″ 24 tpi thin metal cut cobalt steel t-shank jig saw blade – 5 pack

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Set of 5 DEWALT Saw Stand DW3776-5 3 “24 TPI Cobalt Steel sheet metal mesh T-stem cut curved teeth in the innovatively designed to reduce stress on pressure points. This design not only retains the cobalt steel provides faster cuts. The Design a T-Bosch and DEWALT jig saws single mother

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December 08 2010

bosch 1608932026 sanding stand for 1276d & 1276dvs belt sanders

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Turn your portable belt sander belt sander on a fixed Features: Use only w / speaker blowing 1608932.046000 (sold separately), which appear Accessorize versatile business tool eliminates the provisional solution adds versatile instrument Bosch Saw Stand

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October 11 2010

bosch ra1190 stationary stand for ra1180 router table

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Features: RA1190 used, in part, Code:: Convert Table RA1180 router table in a router table includes 4 knobs * Tool-free assembly for mounting and removing the table * table table height of 38-1/2% u2013 RA1180 Gate Specifications:. Code RA1180 Router Table Bench, packaging for sale: Used on Model No. RA1180 1 Weight (kg): 25 Bosch Saw Stand

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