November 28 2010

uc-logic 3d graphics 5.5×4 usb drawing tablet

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UC-Logic offers a wide range of tablet sizes from 3 x 2 x 6 cm to 8 cm, a series of specific needs of customer requirements such as graphic design, signage, writing (HWR), or Wacom Pen documents and notes to create presentations. Our graphics tablets provide 512 or levels of pressure sensitivity, so much to write or draw, users will be able to perfect a line or an image with the pen to get to UC-Logic. In addition, tables show “hot spots” that enable users to perform links to the most frequently used programs or options menu

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November 24 2010

intuos4 airbrush pen

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Intuos4 airbrush. A real digital airbrush to airbrush Intuos4 with pressure-sensitive pressure-sensitive tip, rubber, tilt sensitivity, and a wheel controlling the application of digital painting. Note: Using an airbrush Intuos4 compressed Intuos4 generation Wacom Tablet

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November 23 2010

protective knitted socks sleeve case for boogie board lcd writing tablet, wacom cte450s bamboo fun tablet

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Socks aluminum panels and profiles perfect Boogie Board. The degree of protection against dust, shock and fits easily into or out of your business. It seems very wrong with your gray band model is a feast for the eyes. Socks manga is a perfect storage solution for the bodyboard LCD Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet CTE450S or Wacom Bamboo Small Pen Tablet PC.

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